i draw comics sometimes! i don't have a big project yet, but i've been working on some, which will be discussed on this page. :-)


roadkill rodentz is a story about a group of friends/strangers who go on a roadtrip together at the end of the world. their planet has been slowly rotting away for years, and with most of them fighting their own battles of one thing or another, they just needed a way to get away from it all.

ironically, their getaway roadtrip is the very thing that forces them to confront the issues that they've been trying to run from.


punk rock paranormal follows the adventures of three college students in a world where ghosts are real and so is mental illness.

forming a punk rock band called the Malware Suspex, the trio has to navigate through horrors both externally and internally as their relationships threaten to tear apart at the seams.