CAS / 03
bi transexual

hiya! i'm caspian, or cas for short. i also go by 03 (three or o-three) online. i've always loved art and animation. it's my special interest. :-) i usually prefer writing character-driven stories over action-driven ones.

my other hobbies include playing video games and reading books. i also love music a lot and i usually listen to it throughout my day or while i'm drawing. collecting CDs is one of the ways i engage with music.


03 FAVES :-D

journaling: it helps a lot with terrible memory, but also it's fun because you can decorate your journal with stickers and whatever you want!! also sometimes you just randomly have an emotional epiphany? which is kinda cool but can also be terrible. 8/10

tangles: they're super fun and also they're definitely an avatar of the Spiral (TMA)... like have you seen those things. 10/10

spicy foods: literally the blood that runs through my veins i could not live without this but also if you eat too much it hurts you like a video game fire effect... so uhh 9/10